The Science of Personality

With our 24 question survey, NEON ID provide you insight into your dominant personality dimensions and use the specifics of your scores to ensure your data security.

While the Color Fingerprint is a way to show your true colors of the world, the rest of your personality information, as well as demographic and behavioral information you can choose to share, is privately held in a separate, secure system to ensure your anonymity.

NEON ID uses personality science ("psychometrics") to both increase the value of your data and ensure a unique privacy screen for your identity.

Our Color Fingerprints are rooted in the research of world-famous psychometrician Dr. Galen Buckwalter. While he was the founding scientist at eHarmony, he created the "LOVE" patent - which led to algorithms responsible for over 4% of the marriages in the United States.

Galen based our tools on HEXACO, a personality model that has been scientifically validated and proven to be accurate across genders, cultures and ages.

While HEXACO provides higher and lower factors in ratings, Dr. Buckwalter and his team at research firm psyML advocate the position that there are no bad personalities. Each type of personality is important for society and individual teams in order for them to succeed.

Your unique scores help you earn money from brands that want to reach people like you. Unlike other systems, YOU earn at least 80% of the money brands pay to reach you and they NEVER know your name.

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What Your Color Vibe Means

NEON ID colors line up with HEXACO personality dimensions, the academic standard for understanding personality. Use these colors to connect with trending celebrities, news and companies on the Daily Vibe within NEON ID. HEXACO

Honesty / Humility

On the Sapphire end of this dimension are humanitarians who do not use others for personal gain, like to follow the rules, are unmoved by huge wealth and luxuries. They believe in virtue and that all people are equal.

On the Sky end of this dimension are marketer-types who will manipulate others to get what they want, are able to justify breaking rules for personal gain, they are motivated by the material, and hold a strong self of self-importance.


On the Violet end of this dimension are people who wear their heart on their sleeve and experience fear of physical dangers, anxiety in response to the stresses of life, and possess a deep desire for emotional support from others. They also feel empathy for those around them and build sentimental attachments to others.

On the Lavender side of this dimension, you get fearless folks who are a sounding board for others. They are not deterred by the prospect of danger, experience little in the way of worry in stressful situations, keep to themselves, and can feel somewhat emotionally detached from other people.


On the Ruby side of this dimension, you get a spokesperson who feels positively about themselves, has confidence when leading or addressing groups of people. This is someone who enjoys social gatherings and experiences positive feelings of enthusiasm and energy.

On the Rose side of this dimension, you get observers who consider themselves less popular and they feel awkward when they are the center of attention. These quiet, reserved and thoughtful loners are mostly indifferent to social activities and can sometimes feel less lively and optimistic than others do.


On the Copper end of this dimension, you get calm nurturers who forgive the wrongs of others, are lenient judges, and are willing to compromise with other people.

On the Tangerine side of this dimension are debaters that will hold people accountable for their actions. They stand up for what they believe, can be passionate to the point of contentious and tend to be analytical. They also can have a temper when they feel mistreated and relentless in their pursuit of their point of view.


On the Emerald scale of this dimension are organizers who work in a disciplined way toward their goals, strive for accuracy and perfection in their tasks, and deliberate carefully when making decisions. They tend to be self-disciplined and thorough in all they do.

On the Jade end of this dimension are dreamers who tend to be unconcerned with order and schedules, avoid difficult tasks or challenging goals, are easygoing, and make decisions on impulse or with little reflection.

Openness to Experience

On the Gold scale of this dimension are seekers who want to find new ideas and create innovative things for the world. They can become absorbed in the beauty of art and nature. They are inquisitive about various domains of knowledge, use their imagination freely every day, and take an interest in all things unusual. When what you want in life are its intangibles, the sights of the world, the perfect story, a moment frozen forever in your mind, every day brings with it another chance to discover Gold.

On the Amber side of this dimension are those given to preserve the past and the tried-and-true. These traditionalist tend to be unimpressed by most works of art, feel little intellectual curiosity and don't pursue creative work. They seek convention and tend to avoid radical ideas that can increase their uncertainty.

Deeper Insights

Honesty / Humility Deeper Insights

Sincerity is about being genuine or insincere in interpersonal relations. Fairness is about your reaction to fraud and corruption. Greed Avoidance tracks one's feeling about possessing luxury goods and high social status. Modesty assesses a tendency to be modest and unassuming.

Emotionality Deeper Insights

Fearfulness tracks a tendency to experience fear of injury. Anxiety assesses a tendency to worry in response to difficulties. Dependence measures one's need for emotional support from others. Sentimentality tracks a tendency to feel strong emotional bonds with others and general empathy.

Extroversion Deeper Insights

Social Self-Esteem looks at positive self-regard, particularly in social situations. Social Boldness assesses one's comfort or confidence within leadership and speaking to a crowd. Sociability assesses a tendency to enjoy conversation, social interaction, and parties. Liveliness tracks one's typical enthusiasm and energy.

Agreeableness Deeper Insights

Forgivingness is one's willingness to forgive and not hold grudges. Gentleness tracks a tendency to be mild and lenient in dealings with others. Flexibility looks at one's willingness to compromise and cooperate with other people. Patience scores a tendency to remain calm rather than to become angry.

Conscientiousness Deeper Insights

Organization tracks the desire to seek order, particularly in one's physical surroundings. Diligence assesses a tendency to work hard. Perfectionism looks at being thorough and concerned with details. Prudence tracks whether one tends to deliberate carefully and to inhibit impulses.

Openness to Experience Deeper Insights

Aesthetic Appreciation assesses one's enjoyment of beauty in art and in nature. Inquisitiveness tracks a tendency to seek information about the world. Creativity tracks one's preference for innovation and experiment. Unconventionality looks at acceptance of the unusual.

The Dimensions of HEXACO